Market-Proven Design Process

1. Free Consultation

Tell us about your business or your objectives and preferences. You can send us the images you want to use.

2. Proposal

We will analyze your market and send you a proposal custom suited for your target market and based on your input.

3. Review & Planning

Review and revise the proposal. We will discuss about possible enhancement options to make your website more attractive to your visitors. We will also add backend programs to make the site more powerful.

4. Start Drawing & Programming

We will start coding for your site. You can rest assured while our experts get busy building your online asset. Your site will be optimized for search engine from the beginning using the modern web standards.

5. Evaluation & Revision

We will evaluate the finished website to check if it’s the best solution for the marketing plan we set up during the first development phase. We will make revisions as necessary.

6. Launch Your Site

Your site is now ready to come out to the world! We will host your site or you can choose your own server.

7. Search Engine Submission

We will submit your site to major search engines. So your site will be ready for business from day 1 rather than waiting in the index for months.

8. Follow Up

Once the site is launched, we will check if the site is working properly and if it needs any maintenance/improvement.

As you can see, we’ve covered everything from planning, development, marketing and maintenance, so you can be sure your site is your new business front rather than another burden that doesn’t perform.

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